"Completed a $22 million sale-leaseback transaction with the assistance of Triple Net Equities, and particularly, Bob Arbour. We found Mr. Arbour to be honest, forthright and extremely capable. He was, perhaps, more knowledgeable than anyone I’ve met regarding the accounting and tax ramifications of sale/leaseback transactions”.

"Bob demonstrated a high degree of loyalty and trustworthiness in his work and successfully completed an extremely challenging assignment for us. We valued his services immensely and I would recommend him highly and without reservation”. Boyd R. Plowman, EVP, Chief Financial Officer, Fleetwood Enterprises, Inc. (NYSE–Listed, Fortune 500 Company) -
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“Wachovia Securities has worked with Triple Net Equities, Inc. for the past year, closing in excess of $50 Million Dollars, in both capacity of buyer and seller. We have found that they (Triple Net Equities, Inc.) consistently provide a high level of expertise and service; as well as, access to properties that are not being widely marketed.” Kenneth R. Carpenter, Director, Wachovia Securities. - View Full

“Triple Net Equities offers a unique resource in the form of specialized technical expertise which adds value to a specific transaction”. Scott L. Skinner, CPA, Scott Skinner & Associates, Inc. -
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“I have worked with Bob Arbour and Triple Net Equities for a little over three years in the acquisition and subsequent disposition of approximately $30m of real estate”. George Hicks, Chief Financial Officer, American Retirement Corporation. (NYSE–Listed) - View Full

“…We have closed sales and financings in excess of $40 Million Dollars with Triple Net Equities, Inc.” Gerald J. Levin, Senior Managing Director, Mesirow Realty Sale-Leaseback, Inc. (“MRSL”) -
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"I have been in the Real-Estate Business almost 50 years, and have not had a better representative or more creative Broker to work with. Your innovative thoughts and different approaches to the financing were refreshing. Thank you for representing us in the purchase of two of the properties - they fit our location and type of product to a "T".  David Horne, FIRST CAPITALCORP - View Full