Tax Deferral Strategies

Defer your gain recognition

You may be able to complete a trade with less equity than your capital gain tax would have been.

Debt Component to a multi-property exchange

Replace the debt component of a multi-property 1031 exchange with 10% equity or even less and free up surplus exchange cash to acquire other unleveraged real estate with value added potential in a multi-property exchange.

Permit tax deferred distributions

Add basis to your holdings with little equity.

Defer foreclosure gain recognition

The IRS considers a non-recourse foreclosure to be a sale. If your loan balance is more than your tax basis, you have capital gain and potential tax to pay out of pocket. Defer the tax by using the tax dollars to purchase net lease assets to maintain your before tax net worth.

Add basis to your partnership

Cash distributions are a return of basis, until you run out of basis. Affordably add basis to your partnership.

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